From the highest point on the face of the country. Hazarduz is a Colorado born raised and proud underground MC with a voice, style, and unmatched talent for descriptive lyrics. Living between two different families, He found himself dealing with both the light and dark sides of the world. With a Soldiers mentality, Hazarduz doesn’t believe in giving up. But to press on and rebuild those who feel destroyed. Always a fan of rap music, he spent his time writing lyrics and recording his vocals on cheap equipment to progress and adapt his capabilities as an artist. It wasn’t till after 2010 when he met up with CrAzy J and discovered their similar taste in music. Convincing CrAze to return to his old traits, they both collaborated together to inspire and be inspired. Hazarduz believes in his work and vows to remain true to himself and to his words and not sink to the depths of humility he sees consuming the world.

Quote: I’m my own person. But if you wanna get technical we all are, the difference is, I don’t really care what any of you think. I do me. If i don’t have value to you, then i don’t value you either. simple as that.