Straight from the streets of California, Crazy J hails from the City of Angels and began his journey in the industry at the age of 11. Armed with clever rhymes, metaphors, and word play, Crazy J intends on reinventing the word Insanity. Unknown reasons behind his mental breakdown, this watermelon hating, pillow pet killing, Puerto Rican MC’s dreams aren’t to rise to stardom, but to inspire the weak to build strength. Refugeeing to Colorado, he spent life on low paying under appreciated jobs. He then was talked into returning to rap by his partner in crime Hazarduz after 6 years away from the game. From stories, to talent showing, to the most demented imagery of lyrics, Crazy J is Anti-Modern Rapper feeling like all vision in this industry has been lost. Reality rapping is his forte. He calls it like it is, whether its loved or hated. Inspired by The true MCs of the 90s, he knows he can’t change the world. But to open more eyes that’ll cause the world to take its own steps is a challenge he accepted in the beginning.

Quote: Sometimes life’s a Bitch, but its your life so make it your Bitch.